Kelsey believes that women have the power to change the world. As an ambitious, confident, and hard-working individual, she strives to encourage others to see their full potential by celebrating who they are and embracing their differences.

Born and raised in London, Canada, she always felt compelled to raise her voice against social injustice. Her experience with childhood bullying pushed her to use the challenges she faced as a stepping stone to propel herself forward, eventually becoming Miss Teen London-World 2011. Building a platform based on self-love and acceptance helped her to prove that it is possible to overcome any obstacle if you truly believe in yourself. Kelsey credits this mantra, as well as the love and support of her friends and family, for setting the foundation for her future success.

Following her reign, Kelsey went on to acquire a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from McMaster University, where she excelled at Political Science and Health Studies. Her passion for excellence and personal growth fuelled her desire to participate in various extra-curricular activities; becoming President of the McMaster Political Science Students Association, a Student Representative on both the University Academic Planning and Policy Committee, the Experiential Education Governing Council, and as a volunteer at a local retirement home. Kelsey managed to undertake all of these responsibilities while working as a part-time model and waitress. She also managed to maintain a healthy active lifestyle by participating in several co-ed sports. These experiences taught her the importance of time management and set precedence for her ongoing learning as she later obtained a Postgraduate degree in Public Relations from Humber College.

Kelsey has always had a thirst for adventure. Her strong desire to travel the world, along with her passion for aviation was heavily influenced by her grandfather; a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force. As Cabin Crew with a Dubai-based commercial carrier, she visited over 70 countries where she learned to step out of her comfort zone by immersing herself in different cultures. These experiences contributed to her cosmopolitan mindset; allowing her to meet new people, try new things and visit unique places. It also inspired her to share her journey on social media; earning her the title of #avgeek and enabling her to build an online audience of over 100,000 people (across channels).

In August of 2020, Kelsey was made redundant in her role as Cabin Crew due to COVID-19 and moved from Dubai, United Arab Emirates back to her home in Canada to compete in Miss Universe Canada. Determined to prove her resilience, she placed in the Top 10 and received the title of Miss Charm Canada 2021.

Kelsey has worked with various charities and nonprofit organizations across the globe such as the Maria Cristina Foundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Rumah Yatim in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both organizations seek to empower children through education by giving them the tools necessary to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

Her next step having recently relocated back to the United Arab Emirates is to complete her MBA in Aviation Management at Emirates Aviation University. She aspires to use her experience in corporate communications to help businesses grow and maintain their brands, as well as inspire people to realize their full potential; encouraging them to believe in themselves, stay positive, and pursue their dreams.

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