Back to school…!

Hello again!

The next three days I will be attending Emirates Aviation College for a Service Assessment. Should everything go well, I will complete my probationary period with Emirates and graduate on Thursday, April 28th!

These assessment days give Cabin Crew the chance to show management how they’ve grown and developed since they first started flying. It also allows Emirates to evaluate their service delivery (based on the following competencies: customer service orientation, teamwork, organizing for results and professionalism) to ensure Emirates service standards and procedures are being followed correctly onboard.

During this period, Cabin Crew are required to present a portfolio (containing tasks they were asked to complete over the past few months) to their seniors, participate in a series of group activities and write several tests to prove their competency.

Every GR2 Cabin Crew member [GR2=Economy Class] must complete this three day assessment prior to the end of their probation period in order to become official Cabin Crew with Emirates. As difficult as this all may sound, Cabin Crew have been flying for a while at this point in time. Everything will come naturally!

Things are going well for me so far, but I am really looking forward to walking across that stage on Thursday.

I’ll let you guys know how that goes!


A small look at my portfolio. Cabin Crew are not required to be this creative- I just really enjoy arts and crafts!

Next Stop: Harare, Zimbabwe


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