Passenger Stories: Johannesburg, South Africa


Sometimes crew can forget how fortunate they are to call the sky home! A young passenger on my recent flight to Johannesburg, South Africa reminded us of this when his family handed our Purser this note at the end of the flight;

“To the Pilot and wonderful crew of EK761

Thank you so much for flying us to Johannesburg safely. My family and I are very grateful to you for helping us to have a good flight and happy start to our holiday. We realize that what you do is hard work and we wanted to thank you.

I am 7 years old, an Aviation fanatic and dream of being a pilot one day. I spend a lot of time researching different aircraft types, learning as much as I can about flying, watching videos online and reading books. Recently, I was invited to fly an Airbus 320 simulator at Ibn Battula Gate (he is a pilot too and loves aviation just as much as I do). That was like a dream come true for me. The reason I want to be a pilot is because I love airplanes and I think that flying an airplane is hard work but lots of fun.”

I remember speaking to him briefly and can remember how excited he was to be on a plane with his family. We shared a few small laughs together, but it was an exchange that I will never forget.

This experience reminded me that sometimes the things you take for granted someone else is often praying for. Be thankful for what you have!

Next Stop: Toronto, Canada

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  1. Ruari Allen
    December 13, 2016 / 8:34 am

    Dear kelsey

    thank you so much for your hardwork as Emirates cabin crew couldn’t ask for a better crew than u kelsey really would love to meet u 1 day not promising when though and I would write a nice message for you while on the flight to show how much you mean to me u will always be the best female cabin crew of any kind in the world really love you in the uniform really suits you very well and would always ask for you if I need help but won’t go finding you on the flight while in the air really hope you like this post I send you just love wat you do kelsey can’t bare life without you

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