Layover Life: Luanda, Angola

Don’t swap your Madrid flight, they said. You’re crazy if you do, they said. Of course, I tend not to listen. I always do the opposite of what I’m told and I usually end up paying for it. This time was no different, but I will say this; my experience in Angola was worth it, even if I did end up with a massive bruise on my thigh, my knee and my ego.

We landed into LAD in the evening, and of course, the crew were eager to meet for dinner and drinks. There isn’t much to do in Angola (according to my colleagues on board), but we made the most of our evening and enjoyed each other’s company.

The following morning, a few of us met for breakfast and decided to walk around the city. We couldn’t go too far because of our early wake-up call, but we were eager to get out of the hotel for awhile. We walked along the waterfront, spoke to a few locals and wandered back to the hotel within a few hours time.

The most exciting part, however, came at my own expense. As we were walking back towards the hotel, I began to record on my GoPro. The second I hit the appropriate button, I felt the ground underneath me collapse. A covered manhole had given way under my weight, and I had fallen into it. Thankfully it wasn’t more than 2 metres deep and just as quickly as it had happened, the only male crew that was with us scooped me out.

Although I can laugh now, the whole ordeal was rather scary. I’m fortunate to have walked away with minor injuries and without broken bones. Lesson learned- watch where you are going and don’t step on anything that isn’t a concrete sidewalk?!

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Next Stop: Frankfurt, Germany

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