Layover Life: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ahhh Amsterdam- you pleasantly surprised me! Although it may have poured rain on our parade in the beginning, we stuck it out and made the most of the cooler weather, and ended up having a great evening in the city.

It was my first time visiting, so I had to visit the red-light district and surrounding area. When we arrived, we witnessed a crazy thunderstorm! It’s been awhile since I’ve been in one and actually loved standing outside underneath the train station waiting for it to pass over.

Our first stop was a circus themed restaurant called Casablanca. There is a small theatre at the back of the restaurant where small groups can watch a magic show. Unfortunately for us, we arrived too late in the evening, so we were only able to grab some wine and some cheap eats before making our way along Amsterdam’s UNESCO protected canal ring.

We thought about doing some sort of tour when we stumbled upon a pretty affordable canal cruise. No questions asked, we jumped on board!

Although it was a rather gloomy day, we made the most of the experience.  It was probably one of the best ways to see the city!

Next Stop: Shanghai, China

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