EK2021: highlighting the UAE’s vaccination drive

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10 April 2021: As the aviation industry begins to take off again and travel slowly ascends to an appropriate altitude, Emirates’ one-of-a-kind flight EK2021 made its way across the UAE to celebrate the government’s vaccination program and re-instill confidence in air travel. Close to 9 million vaccine doses have been distributed to citizens and residents here in a national effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, and this special flight carrying nearly 400 fully vaccinated crew and passengers was a unique way to mark this tremendous milestone.

The flight was operated with Emirates’ newest A380 aircraft featuring the airline’s brand-new Premium Economy seats and refreshed cabin interiors across every cabin class. First and Business Class customers were able to safely network and mingle in the iconic A380 Onboard Lounge, where I ended up spending most of my time!

Before departure, passengers checked in using the latest biometric technologies for a seamless journey across multiple touchpoints. We were also able to experience the First and Business Class lounge at Dubai International Airport.

All EK2021 passengers, myself included, were provided rapid COVID-19 PCR tests before check-in. Upon completion, we received the green ‘Choose to Vaccinate’ pin and took photos to mark the special occasion. All EK2021 customers who passed through immigration also received a bespoke ‘Choose to Vaccinate’ stamp on each boarding pass as an added keepsake. Following the flight, we also received commemorative certificates for taking part in this initiative.

All proceeds from EK2021 have been donated to the Emirates Airline Foundation; the airline’s non-profit charity organization which supports projects around the world aimed at improving the quality of life for disadvantaged children internationally.

I have to admit traveling as a passenger after having been made redundant was difficult, but it helped to have several of my friends operating the flight. It was great to be in the sky again and I hope to return soon!


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