Beauty Basics: 5 Tips to help you maintain that Cabin Crew glow 

Cabin Crew are always in the spotlight. Whether we’re operating a flight or walking around the airport, passengers are always looking our way. We are the ultimate ambassadors of our airline, which is why image and uniform is such an important component of our job. We always need to ensure our grooming is up to standard, so that we constantly look the part.

I’ve been flying for about seven months now, and some of the most popular comments I receive onboard revolve around my appearance. For the most part, Cabin Crew take pride in this. Standards or not, it’s a blessing to wear our uniform. We try to look the best that we can while we are in them. Hop on Instagram and check out #cabincrew and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

That being said, there are several beauty tricks and tips we use to maintain that flawless look at 30,000+ ft:

1) Maintain adequate rest

 When you rest, your body recovers leading to a long list of benefits for your appearance. Cabin Crew often have a hard time achieving the recommended 7 to 9 quality hours of sleep each night. This is why it is important for us to use our rest days to recover from the hours we spend in the sky. More sleep means fewer wrinkles, less puffy eyes, a brighter glow to the skin as well as healthier hair.

2) Moisturize daily

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your skin is always soft and hydrated. It will help you to look and feel younger given its anti-aging benefits, and will also protect you from the dry air and UVA/UVB rays you’re exposed to while flying.

 3) Drink plenty of water

There are many health benefits to drinking water. It keeps your skin hydrated but also assists with weight loss and kidney function too. The Institute of Medicine suggests that an adequate intake of water for men per day is roughly 13 cups, while women should consume around 9 cups daily. Other benefits include increased brain productivity and energized muscles.

 4) Always carry your beauty essentials with you

Many flight attendants carry their makeup essentials onboard to stay “refreshed” throughout their shift. Some flights can be 15+ hours long, and with the air as dry as it is, our skin starts to absorb our makeup fairly quickly.

 – Primer, pro-long wear and a setting powder/spray are your best friends: To help maintain a fresh look, we use primers, pro-long wear makeup products and a good setting spray or powder. Powders tend to be hard to reapply in the air and dry the skin out, whereas sprays help to soothe and depuff the skin.

 Dry Shampoo and hairspray are lifesavers: Many airlines have standards as to how Cabin Crew can wear their hair. On flights, dry shampoo and hairspray help us to maintain these hairstyles while giving us a glossy, fine-tuned look.

 5) Get into a skincare routine

 After a long flight, cleaning your skin can take some effort. Despite this, it’s important to have a routine if you want to keep your skin clear. Always take your makeup off before bed. Poorly removed makeup cannot only clog pores, but can worsen certain skin conditions.

In Summary…

Being a flight attendant certainly isn’t easy, but when your office is in the sky and you get to travel around the world for a living, it’s hard to complain. We chose this lifestyle and as difficult as it may get, many of us take great pride in what we do. Yes, we have a lot of standards to adhere to -especially when it comes to our image and uniform- but the feeling you get when you’re all dressed and ready for a flight makes it all worth it.


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