Layover Life: Oslo, Norway

This was by far the coolest place I have ever visited. Norway has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, and it was everything I thought it would be!

We landed around noon and without a second to spare, jumped on the train to Frognerseteren Restaurant. This is a common place for Cabin Crew to hang out and take in the sights and sounds of Norway, while enjoying a pint or two. Although it’s called Frognerseteren Restaurant, there are actually two places to eat there: Cafe Seterstua and Restaurant Finstua.


Views from Frognerseteren Restaurant. Wherever I go, I carry my country’s flag with pride!

After grabbing a bite to eat and snapping a few pictures, we continued on our way. We hopped back on the train and into the city. There is a lot to see in downtown Oslo, so we took our time walking through Karl Johans Gate. This is a really busy street popular among tourists because of its shops, restaurants and attractions.

We walked from the railway station (Jernbanetorget) to the Royal Castle, then down to the Rådhusbrygga Ferry Terminal. The ferry boats from Rådhusbrygge take you to the islands of the inner Oslo Fjord, so we decided to hop on one as the sun began to set. Instead of getting off on one of the islands, we stayed on to take in the views. It made for some picture perfect memories and was a great way to end our busy day!


Oslo, Norway is my new favourite destination. I hope to be back soon!

If you go: Oslo is gorgeous and there is a lot to do. Make sure you give yourself a few days when visiting, because 24 hours isn’t enough time!

Next stop: Los Angeles, U.S.A!!


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