Layover Life: London, England

When the world is your playground, you don’t mind visiting the same destination twice or more! At least, this is how I felt having operated a flight to London, England for a second time last week! I first came to London in May of this year, where I checked out Primrose Park and Regent’s Park with my friend Claire. This time around, I decided to go to Camden Market with a few of the crew.

Camden Market is a community of creative sellers, street food traders and independent stores. Located in Central London, it’s open seven days a week and has over 1,000 places to shop, eat and drink.

We spent a fair amount of our time there looking around at the various shops and trying out a few food venues. I ended up walking away with a Harry Potter necklace (nerd alert!), a green baggy cotton cropped sleeved shirt and a large woolen scarf.

From there, we ventured to the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge where we snapped a couple photos before I headed back to the hotel. London flights are always really busy, and I needed a rest before the 7 hour trip back to Dubai!

Next Stop: Toronto, Canada (HOME!!!)

If you go: London is starting to get cold, so be prepared for the weather. Every place we visited was busy because we were there on a Friday, but we still managed to get around okay despite the crowds.

Wardrobe provided by My Ex Wardrobe. I’m going to start observing styles from around the world, so you can expect some more fashion inspired travel shots in the weeks to come. 🙂

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