Layover Life: Narita & Tokyo, Japan!

What started as a short, one day layover, ended up becoming a five day trip on my recent flight to Narita, Japan! As amazing as it was to stay longer in a country I had never visited before, my colleagues and I went through a lot as a result of flight cancellations, technical issues and service disruptions. Despite all of this, we sure have some crazy stories to tell!

My first day in NRT was spent commuting to Tokyo to explore the city. As a first timer though, there was much for me to learn. The transit system was quite difficult to navigate, and two of the places I wanted to visit were either closed (the Robot restaurant) or didn’t have tickets available (MORI Digital Art Museum). My friend Valerio and I spent most of our time in transit, but it was still nice to be in a city I had wanted to see (and had bid for) for ages!

Upon returning to the hotel, I went and had a nap anticipating that we were going to be operating an 11 hour flight back to Dubai, United Arab Emirates that evening, BUT a weird gut feeling told me otherwise -and I was right.

We were unable to take-off and stayed the night to rest for our rescheduled flight the following day. Again, for the second time, upon arriving to the airport, we were faced with more challenges and ended up staying another day.

Given this extended period of time, and the location of our new hotel, my colleagues and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea to lift each other’s spirits. Needless to say, in the end, the hardship we endured was well worth it because of the memories we made together. Just look at our smiles below!

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